[CONFERENCE] Process design selection using proximity score measurements
[CONFERENCE] Adaptive RBAC in complex-event-driven BPM Systems
[CONFERENCE] Auto-Triggering of RFID-based Logistic Process in Inter-workflow using Complex Event
[CONFERENCE] Analysis of business process efficiency based on task assignment
[CONFERENCE] BPR of Mail Distribution Center through Data Envelopment Analysis
[CONFERENCE] Real-time logistics process invocation based on RFID events using CEP engine
[CONFERENCE] Rule-based triggering of multi-organizational logistic processes using workflow patterns
[CONFERENCE] Process based resource management system for computer aided engineering project
[CONFERENCE] A New Framework for Business Process Knowledge Discovery
[CONFERENCE] Process Improvement Evaluation in Mail Distribution Center by Applying RFID Technology
[CONFERENCE] Managing Access Control of Object Version using RBAC
[CONFERENCE] Efficient Replenishment Route for Agriculture Product Supply Chain
[CONFERENCE] RBAC for Supply Chain Process Monitoring
[CONFERENCE] Data Clustering Technique using Data Envelopment Analysis
[CONFERENCE] RBAC for Business Process Management
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