[JOURNALS] Enhancing the Efficiency of Supply Chain Processes through Web Services
[JOURNALS] Process based storing and reconstructing of XML form documents
[JOURNALS] An Approximate Analysis of Expected Cycle Time in Business Process Execution
[JOURNALS] A Method of Collaborative Process Design Comparing Workflow Model Components
[JOURNALS] Process-Oriented Development of Job Manual System
[JOURNALS] A Dispatching Rule for Efficient Workflow
[JOURNALS] Automatic Control of Workflow Process Using ECA rules
[JOURNALS] Document Configuration Control Processes Captured in a Workflow
[JOURNALS] Customizable Workflow Monitoring
[JOURNALS] A Document-Process Association Model for Workflow Management
[JOURNALS] DEA와 SOM을 이용한 투입요소 유사성 기반의 벤치마킹 경로 선택방법에 관한 연구
[JOURNALS] 복합이벤트를 이용한 패턴 기반 RFID 물류 프로세스 트리거링
[JOURNALS] BPM에서 업무할당방식이 업무효율성에 미치는 영향
[JOURNALS] 의사결정나무를 활용한 비즈니스 프로세스 분석
[JOURNALS] BPM에서의 업무효율성 향상을 위한 포괄적 접근법
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