[JOURNALS] DEA의 교차효율성을 활용한 다기준 ABC 재고분류 방법 연구
[JOURNALS] 웹 기반 공정개선 지원 시스템 개발
[JOURNALS] 온톨로지를 이용한 선박 통관 프로세스의 유사성 측정
[JOURNALS] BPM 기반 항만 커뮤니티 시스템 통합 구조 설계
[JOURNALS] 컨텍스트 의존 DEA를 활용한 다기준 ABC 재고 분류 방법
[JOURNALS] 제조 기업 중심의 유비쿼터스 기술 활용 방안
[JOURNALS] Optimal Planning of Business Process Execution in BPM Environments
[JOURNALS] A Study on the Selection of Benchmarking Paths in DEA
[JOURNALS] Increasing the efficiency of business processes using a theory of constraints
[JOURNALS] Analytic hierarchy Process to assess and optimize distribution network
[JOURNALS] Genetic Algorithms for the job shop scheduling problems with alternative routings
[JOURNALS] Development of Distance Measures for Process Mining, Discovery, and Integration
[JOURNALS] A More Comprehensive Approach for Enhancing Business Process Efficiency
[JOURNALS] A version Management of Business Process Models in BPMS
[JOURNALS] BPM-based Integration of Supply Chain Process Modeling, Executing and Monitoring
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