[JOURNALS] Generating Valid Reference Business Process Model using Genetic Algorithm
[JOURNALS] Document Recovery in a Business Process Using Activity Dependency
[JOURNALS] Population Dispersion Based Migration Genetic Approach for Fire Sequencing Problem
[JOURNALS] Modeling Uncertainty Reduction in Dynamic Business Process Scheduling
[JOURNALS] Efficient validation of RFID complex events considering business process structure
[JOURNALS] Flexible job-shop scheduling problems with ‘AND’/‘OR’ precedence constraints
[JOURNALS] Application of the Mixed-Effects Model for Determining Optimal Input Variables in Simulation Analysis
[JOURNALS] A Framework for Evaluating Reconfigurability of Collaboration System Using DEA
[JOURNALS] Bayesian network for finding best combination of performers in BPM environment
[JOURNALS] Analysis of Business Process Efficiency Based on Task Assignments
[JOURNALS] 프로세스 구조 제약조건과 사회적 관계를 이용한 비즈니스 프로세스 모델링 방법론
[JOURNALS] Container Flow Management in Port Logistics Based on BPM Framework
[JOURNALS] 자동차 산업분야의 효과적인 제조협업 구현을 위한 디지털 엔지니어링 적용 방법론에 대한 연구
[JOURNALS] 베이지안 규칙을 사용한 비즈니스 프로세스 관리 시스템에서의 인적 자원 배정
[JOURNALS] 영업사원 관제시스템의 효율적인 경로 스케줄링
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