[CONFERENCE] Process Execution Patterns for inter-organizational Processes
[CONFERENCE] Enhancing the efficiency of logistics processes
[CONFERENCE] Integrated Management of Multi-Organizational Logistics Process Management based on ECA Rule
[CONFERENCE] Knowledge Management for Business Processes using Case Based Reasoning
[CONFERENCE] Knowledge Management for Logistics Processes using Case Based Reasoning
[CONFERENCE] Enhancing the Efficient Execution of Supply Chain Processes through Web Services
[CONFERENCE] Version Management for Convenient Process Modeling
[공지] Document storing and reconstructing for efficient data sharing in collaborative business processes
[CONFERENCE] Integration of web service and workflow using BPEL
[CONFERENCE] Efficient Workflow Management through the introduction of TOC concepts
[CONFERENCE] An Improved Reorder Decision Policy for General Multi-Echelon Distribution Systems Utilizing the Shared Stock Information
[CONFERENCE] Automatic Control of Document Versions with a Workflow Management System
[CONFERENCE] XML-based Interfaces for Workflow Management Systems
[CONFERENCE] A New Version Control Model for Workflow Documents
[CONFERENCE] DEA에서 벤치마킹 경로의 선택 방법에 관한 연구
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