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[BPM] [Discussion Issue 5]
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Dear All,

We attached our presentation about the topic: Mining association rules to support resource allocation in business process management.
Our's discussion issue is "What is the association rules that you can use in the process of mining perspective?"

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Hwaseop Lee, Dakyung Park, Sunghee Park.

유정엽 14-12-01 20:11
By using association rules we can find some activities are gathered strongly, and then we can guess those activities are in a same process model or at least they have some relation. but just using association rules is not the key method to finding or detecting process. Cause the intimacy between activities not shows the procedure.
in my opinion, association rules can be used to analyze specific or detail situation like congested data. by association rules we can figure out the group of activities and also define the character of each group. and even we can find a knowledge which have probability to combine work activities have been separated. by association rules finding whole process is little bit difficult but we can use this method to find or define new activities never figured before.

                                                                                                                                Andrea Yu
박상혁 14-12-01 21:13
We can analyse the relation of activities through association rule mining.
And this method of analysis is good to know the association rule for each activity.
Also we can know the conditions and reaction of each activity.
But we have to consider the disadvantages of association rule mining.
As Jung-Yeob said, the association rule to find whole process is little bit difficult.
And I think association rule mining have some precautions.
1. We need so many procedure to analyse.
- If the number of activity is increased, the calculation for the association rule of each activity will increase exponentially.
2. We have to select some of activity.
- Even if analyse whole activity, the association rule of all of activity is not meaningful. So we need to slect some of activity.

Thank you.
케지아아만다쿠르니아디 14-12-02 12:57
There are several studies discussing about increasing the efficiency of assiociation rules algorithm in process mining, such as FP-Tree (frequent pattern mining), Apriori, TreeProjection, PRICES, Matrix Algorithm, etc. Association rule mining is a data mining technique used to find out useful and invaluable information from huge databases. Those works develop a better conceptual base for improving the application of association rule mining methods to extract knowledge on operations and information management. Improvement can result in such things as improved customer value, reduction of defects and errors, improved productivity, improved cycle time performance safety, and motivation.
리스카 14-12-02 13:13
Association rule in process mining can be used to derive rules of longest common sequence from event logs. Moreover, by using temporal association rule, it might be possible to discover a process model based on the longest common sequence.

사탸 14-12-02 13:28
Association rule mining is used to analyze the manufacturing process of a fully integrated provider of drilling products. This techniques reports some new interesting results with data mining and knowledge discovery techniques applied to a drill production process. The result  shows  that the proposed approach is useful in finding effective knowledge associated to dysfunctions causes.