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[BPM] Discussion Issue 4
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Dear All,

This is our discussion issue for fourth topic presentation about Business process integration as a solution to the implementation of supply chain management systems

The discussion issue is about :

How to improve Business Process Integration issues using recent technology?

Satya,Seo,Kim and Hong

서명교 14-10-31 17:50
In my opinion, there are two issues on the recent ICT. The First thing is Clouding service. The second is Big Data. Both Clouding serivce and Big data are based on extremely high memory capacity which means to require thousnad of TB. If we have clouding service in Business Process Integration, we can overcome the restriction of memory, accessibility, and collaboration between internal and external organizations. And In case of using Big data, if it is possible to collect information of every business prcess,  we are able to analyze needs of many customers from the huge dara base.
조형태 14-11-03 20:04
Old style integration methods such as sharing Database, API based, EAI(Enterprise Application Integration) had been used by commercial industry from many years ago. That kinds of methods are easy to implement but not easy to maintenance and expanding. Nowadays more flexible integration methods are needed due to changing the environment. SOA(Service oriented architecuture) and EII(Enterprise Information Integration) are system independant integration method. These support distributed data environment, not transform physically and treat formal/informal data type and flexible source code. But technologies are some complex itself and be sured performance.
박상혁 14-11-03 21:46
I think, to achieve higher levels of flexibility, efficiency, and responsiveness, have to use the business process management (BPM) and integration software.
That software can support evolving business requirements with robust process modeling tools, standards, and best practices in a language both business and IT professionals can understand.
이화섭 14-11-04 00:25
SCADA(Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) & Support devices(Data acquisition equipment) & Collaboration framework(Google Collaboration Tool) are very helpful to increase BPI in shop flow. SCADA system and support devices, because, allow real-time monitoring and collecting data. it means that supervisor or managers can check and share information at the same time. Collaboration framework support that managers affiliated by separated divisions control and cooperate data acquired from SCADA & support devices simultaneously.
리스카 14-11-04 11:18
Currently, any business operations move towards service and cloud technology for operational business. As business expanded, the need to integrate business operation become necessary. Hence, using service and cloud technology, the integration become less intimidating. The service for example, can use the service API to interface between services and cloud technology enable us to simplify the maintenance in in-house server. However, the successful rate of integration is not merely measured based on the technology we used, but based on the adaptability transition from the previous to the next type of business process operation.
케지아아만다쿠르니아디 14-11-04 12:41
Business Process Integration can be improved by visualizing IT architecture, understanding and documenting how the processes work, and identifying areas for improvement – all on a continual basis. Recent technology example is by using SAP enterprise modeling applications from Software AG offer Web-based components that support the full process lifecycle, from design to optimization. It models the entire IT infrastructure in a graphical format, lays a firm foundation for holistic business process management, reduces the time, cost, and resource strain of process management activities, analyze and manage process performance for ongoing improvements, and increases agility by modeling the impact of process changes.
풀샤시 14-11-04 12:42
In my opinion, nowdays its already common to collaborate with another company / region to increase value. In case of technology, i believe it also relatively easy to do with current technology such as cloud, service etc.
By doing such as BP integration, the information sharing between company / region should follow some policies. Security and privacy between them also need to be preserved to avoid too much information leaked to other parties.
So, in my opinion BP INTEGRATION issues using RECENT TECHNOLOGY canNOT ALWAYS LEAD TO SUCCESS IF the parties NOT CONSIDER about POLICY between them, BECAUSE PEOPLE in organization DOESNT want to ADOPT them DUE TO their PRIVACY MAY NOT PRESERVED.
앤디 14-11-04 17:53
Integration should have more valuable impact, instead of just bridging among different applications. Recently, internet technology tends to be evolved into new shape called internet of thing (IoT). In this new shape, the integration is not only talk about how to integrate applications, but also people, devices, environments and virtual objects. All should be able to connect and capable to interact. Because nowadays, almost every application tend to be social, mobile, and cloud. There are several tools and technologies that can be utilized, such as
http://mnubo.com/, Oracle, http://buglabs.net/products/swarm, etc.
앤디 14-11-04 17:54
- Answered by Putra (푸트라) -

One of the key success in business process is the collaboration factor among companies. Currently, recent technology which provide feature for collaboration among companies is BPMS and BPEL for lower layer.
One of good open source BPMS product is Intalio http://www.intalio.com/products/bpms/overview/. And for BPEL product is http://www.open-esb.net/. Using Open ESB, company can connect to another company in a business process using WSDL (web service definition language).

The example in supply chain management area is collaboration between manufacture company and raw material supplier, when the raw material is in low level of stock than manufacture company can directly send request to raw material supplier using some application that connect to application in supplier company using OpenESB as interface for sending message in WSDL form.